Indoor Games Tips That You Don’t Know

The “family mobilization” style of Family Work Out (family-style basic physical training) allows adults and children to achieve the required amount of exercise without leaving home, and the most important thing is that it is enjoyable.

These methods do not require equipment and are participated by all family members. Parents demonstrate by example, which is conducive to cultivating children’s interest in physical exercise and creating a good family atmosphere. Get deal with NHSDiscountCode . In this article, I describe best Indoor Games Tips for you

Balance challenge

Walking in a straight line and hopping on one foot are both games that test your body balance. Compared to running outside, indoor games are more suitable for exercising physical coordination and are incredibly beneficial to children’s development.

Indoor Games

Table tennis game  

It is a competitive and fun competition that saves space. It can be done at the dining table using a ping pong ball and a toilet paper tube (a potato chip bucket will work, too). See who can play fast and accurately! Save with Blue Light Discount .

Indoor Games

Hourglass limited-time run

Prepare eight large plastic bottles of the same size and many small paper balls.

Put four of the eight large plastic bottles into small paper balls of the same height, such as one-third of the height, and put the remaining four mouth-to-mouth to make four sets of homemade hourglasses. After the game starts, parents and children, One person and two groups of hourglasses stand at the starting point. When given an order, both sides hold up the hourglasses with their backhands and start running. Whoever can reach the finish line before the hourglass is finished will win the game.

Children’s upper limb strength, hand control, movement conversion, time concept, competitive awareness, etc., can be well exercised and improved during playing. Get Deal with Black Friday Deals

Indoor Activity Games 


Suitable dances: “Money Dance” and “Rabbit Dance”.

Suitable number of people: no limit

Rules: There are no rules. Group participation is required.

Please close your eyes when it gets dark.

Suitable number of people: 5 or more people types of protagonists

  • Judge: an important protagonist who controls the overall situation. All protagonists obey his verbal command;
  • Police: In each round of closed eyes, having the power is to be able to identify who the murderer is;
  • Killer: In each round of closed eyes, having power means being able to kill any protagonist except the Judge;
  • Civilians: At the end of each round of eye-opening, when it is your turn to speak, you can present your relevant evidence and use your words to convince others; ps: If everyone is killed, the killer wins.

Grab a stool

Suitable number of people: 4 or more people (the number of participants must be greater than the number of stools) rule:

  • The host arranges three stools in advance, sends at least three contestants to the stage, and asks them to stand around the stools.
  • The host explains the rules of the game. The host turns his back and shouts, “Start”. The participating members have to walk around the stools. The host calls, “Stop!”. The participating members need to grab the stool closest to themselves and sit down. If they don’t hold it, The member who reaches the stool is eliminated and repeated several times.
  • Those who are eventually eliminated need to understand the punishment.

Shout out whenever three or multiples of 3

Suitable number of people: no limit rule

  • The host randomly reports a number and adds one starting from this number;
  • Whenever 3 and 3 are multiples, you cannot shout out this number. You need to react quickly and shout “pass”. Be fast, and the offender will be eliminated.
  • The host announces the start by announcing a number, and everyone monitors it. The person who reported an error will leave the team and stand aside. The remaining people report later until all participating members have participated.
  • Those who are eventually eliminated need to understand the punishment.

Apply Plaster

Suitable number of people: no limit rule:

  • Competitors form a double-layered circle, with two arms spaced on the left and right, and the front and rear persons are close. It starts with two contestants. One person is in the circle as the chaser, and the other stands as the chased person.
  • When the person being chased is about to be touched or no longer wants to escape, get into the inner circle from the outer circle and carry yourself on your back.
  • Stick close before any group member, temporarily forming a group of three overlapping people. At this time, the outermost person of the three overlapping people should immediately replace the person in front and become the chased person.
  • Anyone not touched before the chased person has formed a three-tiered group will be the original tracked person.Complete, the chaser must start chasing the other person on the outermost layer (i.e. the third person) so that the double-layer team on the circle always remains double.PS: The person being chased must run from outside the circle and is not allowed to pass through it. When you stick to someone, you must put your back in front of the other person. After the third person on the outside escaped, they all took a half step back to maintain a circular formation. Anyone who touches the chased person with his hand is overtaken. At this time, the chaser and the tracked person exchange protagonists, and the game starts again. The hunted person cannot run more than 3 meters from the circle.You must have thought you could host an annual meeting by learning these games. How can a team-building activity be that simple? An excellent yearly conference and a successful team-building activity require a high-quality planning plan and perfect organizers to implement the event. Professional theme event planning and hosting team.And it is we who can provide you with such help. Use a professional attitude to provide comprehensive event planning, select and arrange event venues in advance, prepare event warm-up games, and provide complete assistance as soon as possible when other games and help are needed. Make your activity with only a prototype more comprehensive, innovative and efficient.Why not consult our online customer service~”Chengzhi Expansion.”

Idiom Solitaire

Suitable number of people: 5-20 people rule

The participating members are divided into two groups, and rock-paper-scissors determines which group will come up with the idiom first;

The other party selects a member to start reporting an idiom, and the second person uses the last word of the idiom reported by the host as the first word of the idiom they want to report (homophony is also acceptable), and continues to extend from end to end to form a long queue;

PS: It must be a four-character idiom; you cannot create your own words.

 5 cents 1 yuan

Suitable number of people: no limit Time: 5-10 minutes rule:

  • Everyone forms a circle, and the host stands in the middle of the circle. If there are more men, the price for men is 1 yuan, and the price for women is 50 cents, and vice versa.
  • The host shouts 1 yuan and 5 cents. Currently, a man has to pull a woman, and the price is 1 yuan and 50 cents. You can also shout 3 yuan, 5 yuan, 3 yuan, etc. If you are alone, please understand the punishment arranged by the host.

Guess the idiom

Suitable number of people: even number of members rule:

  • The host prepares small cards in advance and writes the idioms to be guessed on the cards;
  • Divide into two teams, and the host asks each team to select two members to come on stage (preferably one male and one female);
  • The host asks the boys to look at the idioms on the car

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