How to use Instagram for your business

Instagram isn’t just a platform for sharing photos and videos that make your friends jealous of your fabulous life. It is an effective advertising device for businesses to buy Instagram followers.

Every month, a billion people around the world use Instagram. Of these billion people, 9 out of 10 follow a business on Instagram. This means your business has the potential to reach 900 million people on this visually focused social media platform.

Why do you need to create a business account?

Instagram offers three types of user accounts: personal, business, and creator account. If you create an account for the first time, it will be set as a personal profile by default. However, you can convert your profile to a business or creator account anytime.

As a business owner, transferring to a business account is better. This profile is intended for companies that make money and sell products or services. The creator account, on the other hand, is intended for influencers. However, both professional accounts offer additional features. For example, you get access to Instagram Insights and other contact buttons.

Having an Instagram business account gives you another big advantage: access to the API. This means you can schedule posts in advance and use third-party analytics tools to see how well your posts are performing. Creative profiles do not have this access.

How much does it cost to create a business account on Instagram? Nothing! It’s completely free. So if you use a personal account to promote your business, you should switch to an Instagram Business account now!

4: tips to use Instagram for your business

1. Share content consistently

Our number one tip: Share posts, stories, and reports regularly on Instagram. If you post regularly, your audience will see more of your brand. You will stay in the spotlight.

Stories, however, are a different matter. You can upload as many stories as you like and add new ones as often as you like without worrying about spamming your followers. This is because Stories are separate from the rest of the Instagram feed.

Instagram Posts, Stories and Shoots
So what’s the difference between posts, stories, end shoots? Instagram posts and reels stay on your profile forever (unless deleted), so they’re best used for updates with polished, evergreen content. However, stories disappear after 24 hours (unless you save them to featured stories), so you can be more playful. They’re great for behind-the-scenes looks at what you’re working on.

2. Use Instagram to connect with customers

Ind it’s important to approach it that way because your followers can become customers. So schedule time to respond to comments and direct messages (DMs). The latter in particular are often used to inquire about products and services.

Business Instagram accounts have two inbox tabs: Primary and General. This two-inbox tab system helps professional Instagram users organize their DMs. Direct messages from people you follow arrive in your primary inbox first. You can move less urgent messages to the General mailbox. You will receive notifications about unread messages in your primary inbox, but you can turn them off in your settings. Notifications are automatically turned off in the General inbox.

3. Check account analytics with Instagram Insight

If you have an Instagram Business account, you get exclusive access to the Instagram Insights analytics tool. You can access it by tapping the Insights button on your profile.

Here you can get useful data such as follower demographics, engagement statistics a,nd the best day and time to share content. Where possible, insights and metrics about your account also include paid activity.

Additionally, you can click View Insights below individual posts, videos, and reels to view specific insights about that content. For example, interactions, reached and engaged accounts, etc.

4. Start an advertising campaign on Instagram

Running ads is another feature that is exclusive to Instagram Business accounts. Even an Instagram advertising campaign with a modest budget can bring great results. It can help you meet goals, such as increasing the reach of your posts or selling more products and services.

You can run and manage Instagram ad campaigns through Facebook Ads Manager. Why Facebook? Because Facebook owns Instagram. Because many of its users also have Instagram accounts, Facebook has merged the advertising capabilities of both networks into one place.

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How can you enable Instagram Shopping on your account?

  1. Verify that you are authorized to sell on Instagram. There are restrictions for some industries.
  2. Connect your Instagram Business account with your business Facebook page.
  3. Upload product catalog via Facebook or an e-commerce platform.
  4. Notify Instagram that you want to start a business by submitting your account for review.
  5. Once approved, you can activate Instagram Shopping features and start tagging products from the product catalog in your posts and Stories.

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